After just a few months I can express a lot and understand people better. This is all due to my teacher’s motivating teaching and the teaching materials as well, Sådan 1 and Sådan 2. These books are great resources and a must-read Danish reference that I absolutely recommend.


Nashmil Sepehri, Iran

My teacher has a teaching style that is relaxed and interactive and has made the experience enjoyable and fun. I have been amazed at how quickly I have got a grasp of some of the essentials of the Danish language and can now begin to participate more fully in day-to-day Danish life. Also, the course books are very well written and build up the course participants’ vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation skills through a systematic and well thought out approach.


Caroline Kay Oldham, England

My teacher has helped me get on track incredibly fast with a way of learning that is effective and meaningful, focusing first and foremost on the ability to understand and communicate, without disregarding basic grammar. I am quite shocked at how fast I’m learning, which I believe is only due to my teacher’s competence as a language teacher and in-depth knowledge of the Danish language.


Maria de los A Berrios Huerta, Chile

My teacher’s teaching style makes the Danish language more approachable and less intimidating. There’s a constant focus in class on teaching Danish the way Danes actually speak it and this has helped build my confidence in initiating conversation with Danes.


Anna Marie Villani, United States

I enjoyed coming to class every time, especially as my teacher is friendly, happy and easy-going, which made class very comfortable and fun. I learned a lot!


Marina Tsurtsumia, Georgia

I’ve studied some Danish in the past in another school, but I’ve learnt more in two lessons with my Dynamisk Dansk teacher than after 4 months with other teachers. There’s a constant emphasis in class on usable phrases and sentences, which makes it easier to join in on conversations in Danish. This is not only fun and very engaging, but also builds a lot of confidence for speaking Danish outside of the classroom.


Arnon Shimoni, Israel

I have lived in five countries and studied many different languages. I also teach Spanish as a foreign language so I can recognize a good language professional. Using a communicative focus my teacher performed a miracle so that in a matter of weeks I was able to begin speaking Danish. My Danish course has been highly motivating and has helped bring out my best.


Manuel Ferrando Caro, Spain 

My Danish course makes learning Danish as easy as “A, B, C” and not “Æ, Ø, Å”. Being a foreigner (and also an Indian) the struggle with Danish pronunciation is real but my teacher takes the time to focus on my pronunciation and makes sure I get it right before we move on.


The course books are easy to follow and written keeping in mind the requirements of a foreigner and I have been making conversations in Danish right from the beginning. There’s a focus on developing an interest in the language and helping you belong to the country and the culture that helps when you’ve been here for a month or two as well as if you’ve been living here for the last 6 years.


Shreya Sanyal, India

My teacher’s method of teaching is really good and effective. I have only just started my second Danish course, but I can already have a chat in Danish with my colleagues and they are all very impressed by the progress I’ve had in only a few months. Thanks a lot!


Marsela Murra, Italy

The books are very well structured for beginners trying to learn Danish. Grammar is explained well in every lesson and the tips given in the books are very understandable and useful.


Tu Tran, Vietnam

My language course is well structured as it focuses on speaking, writing, listening, vocabulary, and grammar, all of which makes you improve your Danish significantly. My language course has provided me with the tools to enjoy my daily life in Copenhagen and already after a short period of time I was able to use my newly learned Danish in some basic conversations with the Danes.


 Silvia Freitag, Germany

My teacher makes classes fun and amusing, never letting you drop your motivation – which is something that’s really hard to accomplish.


Jorge Enrique, Colombia

My teacher doesn’t tire of correcting my pronunciation mistakes or answering my questions in class. I have learned English and German before I began learning Danish, and my teacher is one of the best teachers who’ve taught me a language ever. I can’t recommend Dynamisk Dansk enough!


 Mohamed Elshaer, Egypt

My teacher’s sense of humour and encouragement has meant I always feel comfortable even when making mistakes while speaking Danish. This has made learning Danish really fun and enjoyable.


Kelly Nielsen, USA

I found the syllabus books Sådan 1 and 2 very useful in my Danish course. It is very easy to read and the structure of each chapter is really well laid out. My Danish course has been fun to go to and I can see my progression with the Danish language improving with each lesson.


Tara Schaufuss, Australia

In my experience having a good teacher increases your motivation for learning a language. My teacher is very dedicated and has made my learning process easier than I thought. I really enjoy my Danish course and my teacher’s teaching practices are very approachable for all the students.


Karen Sánchez, Venezuela

My Danish lessons have been both fun and informative, and after only one month, I was able to pick up on things locals were saying on the street. I would definitely recommend learning Danish with Dynamisk Dansk!


Michael Leef, Israel

I have really enjoyed my Danish course. I remember English lessons at school, which used to be quite stressful for me, and here it is not. My teacher creates a really relaxed atmosphere and gives a lot of information not only about the language but about Danish culture as well. I’ve learned a lot!


Karolina Grenda, Poland

The method of teaching was very detailed and insightful and my teacher always made it fun to learn.


Sumanth Namburi, India

I have the best teacher of the Danish language. Our lessons are always very logical and with a good sense of humour. My teacher is very open and positive and this has meant that I’ve stopped being afraid to speak Danish. Thank you very much for this positive experience!


Tatsiana Iliukovich, Belarus

My Danish teacher is terrific and makes going to Danish class a fun experience, creating an environment where students want to participate and learn more.


Emily Richards, United States

I have a memorable teacher, who is passionate about teaching and will challenge you to get the best out and to find new limits within you. My teacher has an excellent ear and power of observation and will understand and meet your needs with grace and dedication. In less than 2wo months I have been able to understand and speak Danish in a way that I never thought I would. I can now understand 50-60% of a conversation and engage in it very easily, thanks to my teacher’s method of teaching and the course book.


Rosangela Acosta Bichara, Dominican Republic

I am amazed at the fact that after two months of studying, I can have a simple conversation in Danish. I found the book to be very well structured and still puts the fun in learning. My teacher is very intelligent and explains everything extremely well. This has been an amazingly helpful book and overall an amazing experience! 🙂


Cristina Suteu

I have a great Danish teacher, who knows how to pinpoint individual areas of improvement and guide you in the right direction. My teacher’s method of teaching makes learning Danish – a challenging language even for other speakers of Germanic languages – quite easy. I’d highly recommend Dynamisk Dansk for people looking to learn Danish correctly, particularly Danish pronunciation.


Teoman Otac, Turkey

Ever since beginning my Danish course my Danish comprehension has grown exponentially. My teacher teaches Danish that I would actually use day to day and uses creative and fun techniques to make topics and vocabulary really stick.


Natalie Arimah, United States

I never thought learning Danish could be fun – so thanks to my amazing teacher, who made this possible. The teaching material and style is really good. My teacher focuses a lot on class interaction, grammar and pronunciation. You can learn Danish and have fun at the same time.


Rohit Agrawal, Nepal

I have an excellent teacher, who really conveys a love for people and cultures, which makes language classes a lot more engaging. Also, my teacher’s sense of humour is the perfect kick for learning a new language, especially when you experience the slight frustration of pronouncing the Danish vowels …


Sara Nardi, Italy

My teacher is an amazing teacher who never fails at keeping the class engaged. Class is always really entertaining!

Kamalaya Yang, Canada

I’ve had probably the nicest and most efficient Danish teacher, who will clearly give you the desire to learn to speak Danish fluently and keep you hooked through the tough times. Highly, highly recommended!

Manon Fantoli, France

My teacher’s patience and kindness in teaching and very helpful focus on pronunciation made me much more confident in trying to speak and understand the Danish language, which for me was very intimidating in the beginning. My teacher is one of the best teachers I ever had!


Thais Teodoro De Oliveira Barros, Brazil

My teacher is good at motivating me, when I’m not doing my best, for example being lazy with my homework. I’ve been taking Danish lessons for a few months now, and my Danish has really improved. My teacher is genuinely interested in improving my Danish skills.


Pius Young, Ghana

The biggest advantage of taking an individual Danish course was that we focused on precisely those areas of Danish that I had problems with, and I was allowed to learn at my own pace. It is due to my teacher’s patience and teaching skills that I have passed the Studieprøven with good grades and am now studying law at Copenhagen University. Thanks a lot, Dynamisk Dansk!


Yana Roeva, Belarus

My teacher is the kind of teacher every student should have: clear while explaining and able to keep the student’s attention throughout the lesson. Also, if there’s a specific goal to reach during class my teacher will always fulfil it and this is reassuring from the student’s point of view.


Silvia la Rosa, Italy 

Unlike group courses, the one-to-one lessons were specific to my needs, and at a time and place that suited me. I benefited hugely from being able to practice speaking Danish and appreciated being corrected in a comfortable way that did not interrupt the flow of conversation. I highly recommend Dynamisk Dansk to these who are serious about learning Danish and would like to speed up the process of learning it.


Liberty Paterson, England

Whether it was a super intense preparation for my PD3 in 2011, or a more moderately paced effort to improve my fluency and pronunciation in Danish in 2015, my individual Danish course was the absolute best value for the money: effective, intellectually stimulating, always fun. Top marks, Dynamisk Dansk – highly recommend to anyone who is keen on learning Danish, and doing it fast.


Natasha Nagorna, Russia

My teacher is an inspiring teacher, conveying knowledge in a very effective and engaging way that motivates students to bring out creativity in them. The best part of it is that my teacher helps the course participants learn language by making conversations with us in Danish, which gives us an opportunity to always try new things.


Sadia Naz, Pakistan

My Danish course is really exciting and varied, and my teacher respects and understands course participants who come from many different backgrounds. My teacher is always happy and positive and this contributes to creating a nice atmosphere in class.


Phetcharat Phonsombunsuk, Thailand