Pronunciation courses

Having a proper Danish pronunciation is a prerequisite for communicating successfully in Danish, both at work and in other social settings. If you have foreign employees who already speak some Danish but would like to improve their Danish pronunciation you should choose our pronunciation course.


With our pronunciation courses, we focus on all the important aspects of Danish pronunciation. The aim is to provide your foreign employees with an fundamental understanding of the underlying principles governing Danish pronunciation and, at the same time, train and improve their skills in speaking Danish the way it is actually spoken by Danes. In our pronunciation courses, we focus on vowels (vowel sounds and vowel length), consonants, silent letters and words, stresses (at both word and sentence level), the glottal stop, rhythm and intonation.


As a customer with Dynamisk Dansk, you can decide yourself how many lessons you want your pronunciation course to contain and how often classes are to be held. This way, it is entirely up to you how intensive your pronunciation course will be.


Our pronunciation courses can be held as individual courses as well as courses for smaller groups.


Course length: As per agreement.


For more information about our pronunciation courses, call us on (+45) 29 82 44 44 or send an e-mail to

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