Terms and conditions

  1. You decide how many lessons you want
  2. One lesson = 45 minutes
  3. Classes are always two lessons each time (2 x 45 minutes)
  4. Classes are held either at your workplace or in the home of the individual employee
  5. We always schedule classes in accordance your wishes. Classes can be held at all times during the day, from Monday to Friday. Classes can also be held at the weekend (weekend surcharge added)
  6. In case you need to cancel a scheduled class, we must be informed of your cancellation no later than 24 hours before the scheduled class. As for group courses, a scheduled class will only be cancelled when at least half the group participants cancel
  7. All teaching materials are free of charge when buying one of our language courses
  8. All our travel expenses to and from the teaching venue are included in the price

Managing director: Frank Sebastian Hansen

Mail: frank@dynamiskdansk.dk
Tlf: +45 29 82 44 44